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n the constant and increasing noise of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, clarity is rare, but clarity is critical to making our best decisions.

Overcoming today’s challenges requires getting the best and most impactful data, then applying that data to analyze talent, establish better hiring models and standards, focusing development plans, and building higher functioning teams.


Applying Good Data From EQFIT® Assessments

  • The EQFIT® assessments measure in real-time how you and your team apply eight critical success factors to connect with others, influence them, and achieve the desired outcomes.
  • We interpret that data, identify challenges and opportunities, and help you create a customized path forward.
  • Knowing the current reality enables you to make your best decisions about hiring, training and development, team building, and performance management.
Connection, trust, and influence are the critical elements of human dynamics. We’ve broken them down to eight, unique success factors for each specific arena, namely for revenue generating teams, customer care, patient care, and leadership teams.


In over 40 years in industry, 25+ of which have been specifically using the tools of psychology, we have correlated insight into people in the workplace with their professional performance. This has allowed us to distill the key indicators of what promotes professional success.

In what areas would you like to see improvement?

When you apply good data from EQFIT® assessments, you will increase your revenue streams, create raving fans, expand influence, and enhance decision making.
The EQFIT® Toolbox measures and analyzes these success factors for you and your team, bringing the clarity you need to create the best path forward to the preferred future.

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