Fast forward a few decades to today, and relational selling has transformed!

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You are responsible for bringing in new revenue and meeting or exceeding sales goals. Maybe you’re a salesperson or sales manager or director. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur or owner. Maybe you’re a sales consultant or coach. You play a key role in revenue generation.

The World Is Constantly Changing

Some change moves slowly, and others are so rapid that they create tectonic shifts in the marketplace.

Sales techniques and processes used successfully in a stable market won’t bear fruit in a fragile one. Traditional methods aren’t working in the current world. Uncertainty creates feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration. There’s a lot at stake, and maybe even the survival of your organization.

So, where do you go now?
You’ve already taken the next step by coming here!

We now know through neuroscience that the human dynamic in sales is complex, but if approached correctly, can ignite sales success that far surpasses anything else. When we develop and implement your customized EQFIT® Plan together, you will gain valuable insight that will enable you to overcome challenges and take advantage of any opportunities.

Having been in sales for more than 40 years, I can see these challenges from the inside.

There is a clear path forward. Remember the days of relationship selling? Many have claimed that relational selling is dead, and they would be absolutely wrong! Selling is person-to-person, the “human dynamic”. Most of these claims come from those trying to sell technology solutions or technique training that does not include a significant relational aspect.

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